Trying To Find A Professional Portraits Photographer?

As a top fashion photographer, I am often asked questions as to how to select a photographer. One of the most common inquires that we receive are for LinkedIn headshots; they are a commonly required aspect for a company’s marketing and critically important for corporate image. While I do not produce employee portraits as I create more creative and commercial campaigns; I do have an excellent recommendation

It is difficult to find quality consumer-level photographers; a quick search often turns up many so-called professional photographers, those who in reality are amateurs, hobbyists or students. This is the same issue that plagues fashion photography. That being said, true professionals are still available; with a good eye, you can track them down is a service that I can highly recommend. Critically speaking their corporate portraits are consistent, the subjects are well-posed, the lighting is high quality, and the image quality is exceptional for a Toronto studio. Technically and critically speaking, you probably won’t find better.