The Difference Between Fashion Photography and Beauty Photography

As I have mentioned before, being a photographer there are many questions I am posed on a regular basis. From new photographers there are two that stand out; whether I prefer shooting black and white or colour, and which I prefer shooting fashion photography or beauty photography? Much like every speciality fashion and beauty photography both have pros, and cons.

canadian fashion photographyFashion Photography

  • Allows free movement
  • Unlimited space to work within
  • More complex environments
  • Fun Locations
black and white fashion editorialCON’s
  • Less control on outcome due to movement
  • Locations can be difficult to get to and pose significant technical challenges
  • Substantially more equipment to manage
  • Makeup and hair is not always as dynamic and creative

Beauty Photography

koby inc beautyPRO’s

  • Substantially more controlled studio environment
  • Fewer elements allow for more focus in your shots
  • Makeup and hair is very dynamic and creative
  • Less equipment needs to be hauled around
redhead beauty editorialCON’s
  • Limited space wise
  • Even the smallest movement can ruin a shot
  • Small problems can be exasperated because you are working in a close environment
  • Your model has to have excellent skin or you will pay dearly in time requirements for post-production.

So which is my favourite?

It isn’t quite so black and white, It truly depends on the day. Some days it’s wonderful to be in the studio. Other days it’s great to be in an unusual and obscure location. Much like music, every day has it’s own mood, as long as I am with a good team, who shares a common vision it will be a great day on set.