Daily Debrief

A question I hear a lot when I am on the road lecturing at colleges and universities is where do I go to keep up to date with industry happenings? In an era with a lot of information and news access many have a tough time finding credible sources with quality content. There are copious blogs and forums, but determining which are going to cover all the info you need can be a bit tricky. So I have compiled a quick list of my go to sites:

Tech & Photography Specifics

When it comes to photography equipment reviews they are a dime a dozen. A quick google search will yield a huge number, some of better quality than others, but this type of review is highly subjective. I find looking at a few different sources to be worthwhile. Not everyone looks for the same qualities in gear so getting different opinions can be crucial to avoid ruling out a great piece of gear that just may have not worked out for one person’s preferences.

photographyblog logo

Photography Blog by Mark Goldstein
Mark Goldstein is a UK based photographer. He gives fantastic and insightful camera reviews putting gear through a battery of tests. The blog is kept quite up to date with releases, and very equipment oriented. If you want the gear rundown it’s a good place to start.

DPReview LogoDigital Photography Review by Simon Joinson
If you are looking for some interesting forums, this is your place. The site itself has a lot of resources. There are some good technique articles that break down steps in a straightforward detailed way for newer photographers.

photoshelter-logoPhotoshelter Blog
This blog has great news stories and articles that touch upon the culture of photography. At the same time, they have some insightful reviews, mind you they don’t quite delve in to specs quite as far as others but there are always useful opinions.

PetaPixel logoPetaPixel by Michael Zhang & DL Cade
Most of the content comes from Reddit, but they do a good job at filtering and finding the meat and potatoes. There are a lot of how to posts that can help you refine basic concepts, give you practice ideas, and make the most of a limited equipment arsenal.

diy photography logoDIY Photography
The tutorials on this site are fantastic for those who are on a serious budget. There are nifty tips and tricks on every page for equipment, shooting, and post production. They have a creative take on some common challenges. Take a look at their tutorial on how to develop film with coffee. I have been developing my digital photos with coffee for many years now but this seems to be a new take on it.

PDN logoPhoto District News
This blog keeps up with a lot of new stories, contests, surveys, and grant info. There is a nice balance between the news side, the incorporation of up to date reviews, and ways to improve your photography business, marketing wise. This well rounded site gives you a bit of everything. This is also one of the few sites that has a section dedicated to lighting. Lighting is one of my specialties so I have always enjoyed seeing what others are doing technique wise, and getting a bit of inspiration.

Commercial Industry

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the commercial fashion industry is important for success. You need to see the trends and styles, in order to keep your portfolio on point. The more in the loop you are the easier it is to converse with potential clients and industry professionals.

fashion gone rouge logoFashion Gone Rogue
This blog is a great resource on recently released editorials and campaigns. If you are looking for a brief visual synopsis with only major highlights this will be your go to run down.

Business of Fashion LogoThe Business of Fashion
They have a great daily email newsletter if you want a quick jolt of happenings. This site expands beyond the images and campaigns and delves into the economic climate that the market is currently situated in. This can be particularly salient if you are trying to get a diagnostic on global growth and decline. The commercial fashion industry is booming but it is still affected by global expansion/recession patterns and one of the first areas that are cut back in is advertising. When looking to expand your photography business it may be useful to get a good look at how industry growth is doing particularly before making major purchases.

style logoStyle.com
This is an ecommerce site from Europe, so it isn’t exactly a blog but you can see what styles are new and the trends that are on the market. If you are looking for styling references for a shoot it’s an all in one site with a lot of high end designers to explore.

nowness logoNowness
Nowness has an abundance of video work. With various categories that expand beyond fashion to all aspects of culture it is a good way to see the interplay between various genres, and generate ideas of how to mix and match influences, or how different cultural reverences can lend themselves to a fashion production.
These are just a few sources that I highly recommend. Let me know if you have any favorites, the internet is a big place and gems are always hiding.